Welcome to the world of
The Pink Marble Egg.

The dark and troubled world of spies and terrorists; the murky corridors of London's Secret Intelligence Services; the British Prime Minister gets assassinated in Downing Street; a female agent; an undercover TV presenter recruited from 1960s Cambridge University; a BBC travel series about palm trees and holidays; Cannes; Morocco; Venice; Amsterdam; Munich; Paris; Tunisia and Rome… the lines between reality and fantasy get seriously crossed in this funny, entertaining thriller about pop music and sunshine, Bond, beaches and bitches.

Unlike any other movie you've ever seen, two hours of catchy tunes, fascinating lyrics, dramatic moments and ridiculous connections hook the viewer into a world of ludicrous imagination.

When it finishes, you're not quite sure what you've just seen.

The Pink Marble Egg.
A comedy of catastrophe.
An allegory for life.

Running time 114 mins approx

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There's a lot of music in movies.
There's no more in The Pink Marble Egg but it's used differently.
It's used to surprise, convey messages, prompt thought patterns.
The lyrics are a key part of the script.

Instead of "setting a mood" or "provoking an atmosphere" the words and music in The Pink Marble Egg are intended to contribute to the story.

They express views on religion.
They comment on cooking shows and reality TV series.
They observe social interaction.

They even tell you there's more to life than Sun Sea Sand and Sex - although, to be frank, not much more.

They are as much a part of the tale as the dialogue.
Which is different from most others musicals and very much contrary to films which only use music to create moods..


All tunes and tracks can be bought through iTunes; both individually and as the soundtrack.


Everyone's Gone To The Moon
" instrumental version
Amazing Grace
Back to Bach
One Morning In May
It's A Tall Order For A Short Guy
Wait 'til the Sun Shines Nellie
Rose Marie
Mary My Love
The Sickly Sweet Odour of Old Rotting Teeth
The Death of the Last Unicorn
Sweet Surrender
Fine Together Stomp
Hooked On A Feeling
Lick A Smurp For Christmas
Hello I Am Your Heart
Gay Girl
I Don't Wanna Be Gay
I've Never Seen A Woman
Be Gay
A Very Very Melancholy Man
Johnny Reggae
Remember When I Was Pretty
The Sun Has Got His Hat On
Figlio Bambina
When I Fall In Love
Who Let The Dogs Out?
Gimme A Break
Sun Sea Sand and Sex
God Save The King
I Love You

And now…


Do NOT, repeat NOT, read the following before watching the film. But if you like, AFTER seeing the movie, find out whether you spotted some or all of these moments…

MOMENTS in The Pink Marble Egg.

The silence after the music and then - bang - the hole in the PM's head.

JK's shoelace… like the SIS, it's never quite tied up.

The OBE - never mentioned.

Farthing's wistful look and heaving bosom as JK leaves.
And Farthing's name (and Stella, and Longline).

Amazing, fucking amazing… All religion condemned in one couplet.

Women with children and prams as the assassin is described.

"Chekov's Guns"… The Pink Marble Egg.

JK and Sir John's heads out of shot as they part.

The pigeon waddling between lines of caption below the church.

The new Sat Nav pen being a Concorde (defunct) one.

The bullets and the poster; the nipple and the breast;
Ian Fleming's entire ethos destroyed in one thirty second sequence.

18 year old black and white JK.

Rosie's bead curtain. "Of all the queens that ever lived…"

Stella's face when Farthing confuses Holland and The Netherlands.

"He's old… and ugly".

A song called The Sickly Sweet Odour of Old Rotting Teeth.

The echoing balconies of Morocco.

The homeless old man in his cardboard box on the sandy beach.

The young man giving the media the finger in a distant Arab village.

Swallows soaring into the buildings high above Fez as people gather to watch the sunset.

Mrs Stella becomes Delia Smith.

"Just one cornetto, indeed".

"Not very S" (Secret) "and very Un I" (Intelligence).

The way the Prime Minister switches off his sincerity at the end of all statements.

Heidi's legs.

The white dots on the red lips like a poisoned toadstool.

The sailor boy in Be Gay.

The train coming into the station in A Very Very Melancholy Man.
The lyric of A Very Very Melancholy Man.
The homeless person's feet.

The most inappropriate visuals ever to the audio of Johnny Reggae.
Saying everything needed about idols and worship.

Fat queen swimming to The Sun Has Got His Hat On.

The lyric to Figlio Bambina.

"When I fall in love… it will be forever…"

Stella returns with Heidi's form…

"Sir Martin Tresegear - sorry; pronounced Treasure"

The security team awaits in the office toilets…

Buckingham Palace…

"He didn't give a shit. Our thoughts are with family and friends? No they're fucking not".

The Queen's personal private secretary is a black male.